hi i'm farza.

hi i'm farza.

hi i'm farza.

i'm just a guy that loves creating things for others.

i started my first company at 13 when i sold "dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 2" for the ps2 on ebay. eventually, turned it a biz where i sold blank dvds and t-shirts (lol).

got it to $100K in rev by 15, and have been making stuff ever since.

my interest is mostly in creative stuff — art, film, writing. spent like 5 years just making short films and vlogs.

also built a bunch of stuff. shipped multiple products in gaming to 1m+ users, trained my own open-source deep learning models for games still being used today, founded an online elementary school with 100,000 students in 2019.

buncha stuff like that.

today, i'm the founder of buildspace — the largest group of people in the world making cool shit.

we're backed by finc + yc + a16z.

no idea is too big or small.

you could be starting a youtube channel for fun, recording your new metal album, building a breakthrough ai product. whatever.

we're hiring. my email is at the bottom of this page.

i like to write about my learnings building a company usually 1-2 times per month. if you want these in your inbox, drop your email below.

p.s: if you wanna contact me ping farza@buildspace.so, i generally respond to every single email under 300 characters with a clear ask.